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Endodontic treatment

At Dr. Sood’s Dental Health Care we can save a damaged tooth by removing the diseased nerve tissue cleaning and shaping the canals and then filling the  nerve chamber.

A root canal is relatively a simple procedure with little or no discomfort involving one to four or more sittings. Best of all it can save your tooth and your smile.

The treated tooth usually can function like a normal tooth after Root Canal Therapy.


  • A Root Canal Treatment is needed when a tooth’s nerve and associated blood vessels are irreversibly
  • Tooth damaged by trauma.
  • A fractured tooth.
  • Deep cavity that has infected the nerve.
  • The end result is the same, an infection that leads to an abscess at the base of the tooth.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Throbbing pain in the tooth especially at night
  • Pain on consuming hot and/or cold food
  • Pain while chewing the food.
  • Swelling in the jaw corresponding to a particular tooth.
  • Teeth that are severely worn out.

What is involved in Root Canal Therapy.

  • The treatment may take one or more visits where the nerve of the offending tooth is removed and the root canal is subsequently filled.
  • Local anesthesia needs to be administered in majority of cases.
  • Dentist may take X rays to ensure that full length of the root canal is treated.
  • If the roots are unusual in shape or if there are complications additional procedures like apical surgery may be required
  • Usually a Crown is placed on a root canal treated tooth to provide protection.
  • In certain cases root canal therapy may not be possible, in such cases extraction followed by a Bridge or an Implant is the only possibility.
  • Very often milk and permanent teeth in children may require Root Canal Therapy though the procedure varies slightly in milk teeth.